General Dentistry

Cleaning And Oral/Head And Neck Examinations

Full mouth evaluations of teeth, soft tissues, joint, head and neck lymph nodes. Early detection of decay and oral cancer results in early treatment and better prognosis.

Occlusal Guards

Appliance custom fabricated to prevent wear and grinding of natural teeth.

TMD/Jaw Pain Treatment

Common ailment caused by stress, poor oral habits, malocclusion. Treatments can range from customised occlusal guard, exercise and soft tissue mangement.

Receding Gums

Very common dental malady with exposure of root surfaces. Can be caused by aggressive or incorrect tooth brushing or malocclusion.

Halitosis Treatment

Found in more than 50% of the general population, it is caused by volatile molecules produced by pathogens originating orally and at times non-orally. Treatment is painless and quick.

Endodontic Treatment/Root Canals

Done painless. When the nerve-pulp in the tooth gets infected, it is removed and canals cleaned out, sterlized and filled with an inert material to restore the root back to health.

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